David is attending the Dakar conference today in Paris, to receive his Dakar race number. The count-down has started to the kick off the race in Ascension on 2nd of January. The pressure is on for David Thomas to be fit, strong and focused.

The past few months, David has trained hard, learning the navigations systems, attending international rallies from The Abu-Dhabi Challenge where he finished 10th overall, The Merzouga Rally in Morocco 16th overall amongst international racing riders.

David attended his 3rd Dakar Challenge of the year, the Amageza rally, which took place in the Northern Cape of South Africa.
Thanks to David’s dedication and committed to share amongst the most impoverished, David and his support Team, managed to give back to the community and share special moments which children.

David has created a clothing range accessible to all supporters whom wish to be part of his journey to Dakar. Please visit:


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